About Morgana Publishing

Welcome to Morgana Publishing, where stories come alive and dreams take flight!

As a proud member of the Morgana Group, we may be a fresh face in the English language publishing landscape, but our roots run deep. With nearly a decade of experience in the Polish publishing industry, we’ve honed our craft, embraced innovation, and nurtured a passion for storytelling that resonates with readers in Poland.

Our curated collection spans a rich tapestry of genres. Dive into the whirlwind of emotions with our contemporary romances, feel the heartbeat of small-town tales, get entangled in the dark allure of mafia stories, or experience the raw intensity of New Adult narratives. For those who crave a touch of the mystical, our fantasy romances beckon with intrigue and enchantment. And for the young and young-at-heart, our Young Adult literature promises adventures that both thrill and inspire.

But beyond our diverse catalog, what truly sets Morgana Publishing apart is our commitment to our authors and readers. We believe in creating a community where creativity thrives, where we celebrate authors, and where readers can find their next favorite escape.

So, whether you’re an author looking for a publisher or a reader in search of your next literary love, Morgana Publishing is here to journey with you. Let’s embark on this literary voyage together and discover the magic that lies within the words.