Covenant of the Doubtful

Maria Zdybska

Love and the lust for power can drive a man to commit dreadful deeds. Hence, the principles of the Code strictly prohibit the use of magic for interfering in the lives of ordinary people.

However, Raiden, a young mage, has always struggled with adhering to any rules. When the life of his beloved sister hangs by a thread, he is prepared to do anything, even if it means violating both the laws of mages and gods.

For his audacity, he must pay the price. The gods can be as cruel as the Circle of Mages or people brimming with the lust for power.

Raiden must atone for his actions and alter his fate.

Destiny has raven wings, and Raiden has just heard the ominous cawing.

“Covenant of the Doubtful” is a tale from the “Raven Heart” series.

Genre: Fantasy
Tropes: fate, destiny, morally grey, sacrifice
Content Warning:


ISBN: 978-83-7995-748-4
suggested price: 0.99 USD
number of pages of the book edition: 56
release date: 17.11.2023


ISBN: 978-83-7995-749-1
suggested price: TBA
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release date: Fall 2023

Maria Zdybska

Maria Zdybska is a Polish fantasy writer, born in the land of Slavic witchcraft who now lives in Cracow, the city of kings, dragons, and magic.

Her debut “Raven Heart” fantasy series seeps with her love for the sea, as if sea water flowed through her veins instead of blood. She loves incorporating elements of different mythologies in her writing, using them for inspiration in almost every story she writes.

She also always, ALWAYS adds some romance!.